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                    Look up the peak……I looked up you at the foot of the mountain, though you are very

                     high but not far away from me, feeling has always been around me, with my feelings were a

           total of experience, you will stand a long time ago in this very unassuming little village, the

                     time has been to accompany you, your children and grandchildren for generations to accompany

               you, year after year, well-dressed you, let you all year round so beautiful, spring green, summer

                     blue, yellow autumn and winter white ... ... There are about your children Red Yao people, with

                 their wisdom hard work, they weave the most beautiful seasons of the red background of your

                     beauty, This is the most natural painting, the most natural colors, the richest nation, the most                   

              enjoyment of life, the most fresh air, waiting for us to join a total of one, admiration of his

                     magnificent, and appreciate her beauty, sensing his spirit, his experience of hardship into his

              wisdom ... ... Dazhai Golden Valley terraces invite you to come.