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Schoolkids on their way Singing in School 1-2 day  Visit Dazhai daily life, Visit Dazhai Ground school & Library
Directions to the Peaks Rice Terasses   1-2 day Walk to Platform 1,2,3
Rice Field in Summer walk near the River   1 day Walk to Pinyan.
Map 1 Map 2   1 day Hiking on Dazhai Trails
Compare different Tea Red Tea   1/2 day Visit the Tea factory.
natural Pool in Dazhai natural Pool   2 hours Take a bath in natural Pool in cool Mountain water
Pool in Longsheng Hot Springs Pool in Longsheng Hot Springs 1 day Visit Hot Springs
Longsheng Market Longsheng Market   1 day Visit Long Sheng Market
Rafting Rafting   1 day Rafting on the River
Rain and Wind Bridge Rain Wind Bridge   1-22 days Visit Wind- and Rain-Bridge at  Sanjian (Chenyang Bridge).
You can use public transport or rent a private Bus for 450 RMB a day for you convenience. With the private Bus you have also enough time to visit some other Minorityvillages on the way. Entrance fee for the Wind-Rain-Bridge is 60 RMB.
cycling aling the river in Yanghsou County     3 days Visit villages around Dazhai by walking
Build a You House Build a You House   1/2 day Watch how a wooden Yao-house i built
cycling along the River in Yangshuo Marrying at Dragon Bridge   3 days Trip to Yangshuo, Cycling, Bamboo Rafting, Lee River Cruise, Climbing on Moon Hill, Cave Climbing,  Nightlife
Painting Picture     n days Painting in the nature
making Pictures in Nature (sprring) Fotografers at Yao Festival n days Making Pictures in nature
Rosetta Stone n weeks we provide books and also electronic media (Rosetta Stone) to learn or improve your chinese. you can also ask for local teacher. you can ask us for special rates for long term staying. You can try Rosetta Stone here free.
Cooking Lesson Cooking Fish   1 day chinese cooking lessons
Yoga     n days yoga lessons
Majong     n days learn chinese games (mahjong, chinese cards, Domino) or use our Wii
Merryland Gold Club     n days Play Golf. There are severald Golf courts nearby, the most famous is Merryland inXin'an near Guilin.

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